Great Tips for a Real and Effective Skincare Routine for a Woman Over 30

I am finally coming to terms with the fact that there is no longer a 2 at the beginning of the number that reveals my age (it’s taken a while!) as well as to the fact that leaving my twenties means I have to start making some serious changes. A healthier diet is something I am working on and in the same sort of area finally committing to a real skincare routine before those dreaded fine lines and wrinkles start appearing.

I did know that after turning 30 any woman should set about revising the way they take care of their skin, but with so many different products out there, and with many of them being so expensive, the whole process of doing the right thing for my skin seemed a little confusing to say the least. So I sought the help of an expert in the form of a dermatologist.

I really have not had too many problems with my skin since I was a teenager, so have fallen into the routine of simply using a foaming cleanser to remove dirt and makeup and following up with a light moisturizer. My biggest question for the dermatologist therefore was what I should be doing now, knowing that my skin is aging and wanting to prevent as many wrinkles as I can. Here is the advice she gave me:

Cleanse your skin twice a day using a mild cleanser. Rather than using the foaming cleanser you might be used to opt for one with glycolic acid which helps the skin's natural renewal process.

Exfoliate your skin in the evening before you go to bed rather than in the morning. This is because when you are sleeping your skin, like the rest of your body, goes into renewal mode. Removing dead skin before you retire for the night therefore makes this natural process even more efficient. The exfoliation should not be harsh though. The idea is only to remove skin that was almost ready to be come off anyway; you are just giving it a helping hand. Scrub away too hard and you will begin to remove new skin as well, leaving you with a red, blotchy look.

Whether you wear makeup or not never leave the house without protecting your skin with an antioxidant enhanced moisturizer that offers an SPF protection of at least 15 and is a broad spectrum cream, meaning that it protects against UVA and UVB rays from the sun. This applies to every day of the year as well, not just to the long hot days of summer. You should not forget the delicate skin of the lips either and use a sunblock enhanced lip balm, even beneath lipstick.

When it comes to the skin on the rest of your body making sure it is well moisturized is a must. To achieve that don't stay in the shower for longer than five minutes and keep the water warm, not hot. Using a moisturizing body wash, even though it washes off really will help as it helps to preserve the skin's natural 'moisture barrier'. Use a rich body cream as soon as you get out of the shower.

Remain hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day and cutting back on the coffee, which actually dehydrates you (the same is true of alcohol as well.) Add more 'colorful' vegetables to your diet as they contain the vitamins and antioxidants in abundance that the skin needs to keep itself naturally supple and healthy.

And as to the products to use themselves the good doctor had some great advice for a budget conscious gal like me; check the ingredients. If an inexpensive product has the same active ingredients as a more expensive brand - which is apparently often the case - opt for the cheaper brand as you will only be paying for the packaging and the name if you choose the pricier product.

Recently I saw a website that offer free makeup samples by mail of first brands, a good alternative if you are not confident buying expensive products. Give them a try!

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