Looking Good with No Makeup? It is Actually Possible

Over the last month or so all of these 'no makeup' selfies have been popping up online on Instagram and Facebook etc.

It's actually for a great cause- breast cancer research. The idea is that you challenge someone to be brave enough to post a selfie wearing zero makeup online if they do you make a donation to a cancer charity. Then the poster challenges someone else and the cycle keeps going. So far tens of thousands of dollars, pounds, euros etc. have been raised by women from all over the world.

After having avoided it for weeks, which was a great thing as I am the kind of person who won’t even to go to the grocery store without makeup, I ended up receiving a no make selfie challenge via Facebook from my old college roommate. I knew I had to do it; it’s a great cause that is actually very close to my heart, but seriously no makeup? None at all? I haven't been photographed like that since I was about 14! It was a really terrifying thought, but it had to be done.

Not wanting to look completely awful - and knowing that using the filters on Instagram was strictly off limits mores the pity - I went looking for some tips on how I might be able to make myself look at least half decent before I snapped the pic!

I actually found some great advice. Making sure that your face was completely clean was a bit of a no brainer but I had never thought of the idea of using a moisturizer with a little shimmer could give you a nice glow. I used Jergens FACE Daily Moisturizer and it really does work! Use it for several days in a row and you even get a nice little golden glow which cuts down on the amount of foundation you need to use.

I also learned a few other cool no makeup tricks. Here are some of them:

To light up your eyes, use Visine to remove all the red. I used to use eye drops all the time and I had forgotten how well they worked. Definitely a must purchase from now on.

To enhance your eyelashes, without mascara, (no mascara? I live for the stuff) use petroleum jelly instead. To my great surprise that one actually worked very well. That is actually not surprising though once you learn that the first mascara that Maybelline ever made was a combination of petroleum jelly and coal dust! I found that using a dry mascara wand (with no mascara on it of course that would be cheating) works really well and really does give a light mascara effect!

To make your lips look better, and even give them a little bit of natural color, use a damp toothbrush to exfoliate dead skin. It works very well to not only give your pout a smoother, neater look but the slightly rough motion also does give them a slightly flushed look. Top off with a little clear lip balm and the effect isn’t bad at all!

So armed with all of this new knowledge and having religiously gone through each step I grabbed my iPhone, took a deep breath and snapped my selfie. And you now what? It actually came out rather well! I was faltered by the comments it received when I braved posting it on Facebook (hopefully they were not just being nice) and although I have no intention of making a habit of going without makeup I have learned that maybe I don’t need quit so much.

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